Friday, November 9, 2018

5 Kids!!!

Holy Cow I have 5 kids!  It was a bit of a challenge to try and get a picture of all five, but we captured some really sweet moments.

I love this one, Bear is so sweet and cute! 
This is my favorite...and the one I'll be using for this year's Christmas card!

This one made me nearly cry!  I love my sweet kids.

Once the kids were done, we got some sweet pictures of Aurora and Westley.  Aurora is such a good helper and a second mother.  I will cherish these pictures of my big little girl and her baby.

Westley 2 month photoshoot

Of course while we were at Linsey's we had to get some pictures!  We had fun with our cute smiley Westley.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Road Trip

Robert had to go to Michigan for a temporal bone drilling course so the kids and I decided to have an adventure. So Sunday morning we hopped in the van and headed to Ohio to see the Fowlers. 
The drive went very well, the kids behaved well and we didn't have to stop until we got into West Virginia.
This rest stop had a fun area for the kids to play with blocks too.  We took a break there and nursed and let the kids stretch.
Sweet Westley was being such a good baby.
Westley's first visit to West Virginia. 
Westley's first visit to Pennsylvania.
The first morning with the Fowlers we went to Dayton's Air Force Museum.  It is a massive museum.  Like 3 airplane hangers worth.  Our favorite part was the different presidential airplanes.  They had a bunch of old Air Force One's and we got to walk through them. So cool!

I sent this to Robert to make him super jealous.

The boys loved it!

Dash thought the bathroom area was very funny.
Dash thought the giant rockets and missiles were awesome. 
We just so happened to come to the museum on a homeschooling STEM day, so we fit right in!
On Tuesday after lunch, I packed my kids up and drove three hours to Ann Arbor Michigan to spend the night with Robert.  None of us had ever been to Michigan so it was fun to cross that off the list, even though I really want to come back and explore the state.
We got to the hotel while Robert was still at class and we got unloaded and relaxed for a bit.  He had left a key for me at the desk and then I brought the kids in a side need to let the hotel know we were bringing 5 kids into the room.
The kids jumped on beds, we watched some TV and when it was time we hopped in the car and headed to pick Robert up. 
Have I mentioned Westley is cute?
It was so fun to pick Robert up in some random city!  It was fun to see him and he was so excited to see us.  We went to a local restaurant that was so good and then we came back to the hotel, watched the second half of Jumanji and then went to bed.
Yes, we are pretty wild to drive all over the country, but we will do just about anything to be together!

The next morning we had breakfast with Robert and then he went off to class and we started getting ready to head back to Linsey's.  Everyone showered and got cleaned up and Georgia and Westley took a bath.  Then we headed off for one more Michigan adventure before heading  back to Ohio.  
We had a good long discussion about the Great Lakes and we went to see Lake Erie.  It was cold and windy and miserable, but we came and we saw!  Some of us were happy about it,

And some were not. 
After seeing Lake Erie, we stopped at a near by Wendy's for lunch.  It was very small and in the middle of no where.  We ate and then we left.  It wasn't until nearly an hour down the road when I stopped to get gas that I realized I had left my wallet at the Wendy's.  I just about panicked.  I was nearly out of gas, I had 5 little kids with me and I couldn't find the wallet.  We searched and searched and then I called the Wendy's to see if they had found it, but they hadn't so I left my name and number.  I had found $20 that we keep in the glove compartment for Tolls and so I put $20's worth of gas into my tank.  Then I had to decide what to do.  I wasn't sure if I could make it to Linsey's on that much gas, but even if I did, how would I get home?  I didn't even have a driver's license, and that's a huge risk!  I decided to at least head back to the Wendy's  and check and if not, I would go back to Robert and at least he could either give me his credit card or pull out enough cash from a bank to get me home.  And then on top of all that was the added stress of knowing how hard it would be to replace everything.  Drivers License, Military ID, Costco card, library card, just everything.  UGH!!!! And then a miracle happened.  Wendy's called.  Someone had turned in my wallet.  It had been found and we were the most blessed, lucky ducks in the world.  Who cars that it turned a 3 hour driving day into a 5 hour driving day?  It was totally worth it.  Heavenly Father was watching out for us and I cried tears of joy and gratitude and said a prayer of thanks. 
We made it back to Linsey's.  We had another full day of fun and then on Friday we drove home.  The drive home felt long and it was in the misty rain the whole way, but it went smoothly and the kids did awesome.  This was just the trip my soul needed.  I needed to get out of the bubble I had been in since the baby had been born.  I needed an adventure.  I needed to see that even though I had 5 kids, I could go on adventures and be my normal self.  I needed to be with someone I felt totally comfortable with, who I could be me, be real and feel totally loved.  I needed the kids to be with people they loved.  I needed to binge watch TV, eat candy and laugh and cry and talk.  That's what this week was.  And it was fantastic.  We already have plans in the works for Spring Break.