Thursday, August 30, 2018

Back to School!

Back to school/meet the teachers! I had been so stressed all summer about the kids new teachers.  Aurora didn't have the best teacher last year and it really made life miserable.  I nearly made myself sick I was so worried.  But we lucked out!!!  They both got great teachers and they both have friends in their classes! 
Aurora is in Mrs. Noxon's class with her best friend Phoebe!
Dash is in Mrs. Barrett's class with his friend Tayvia.

The funnything though is that both kids will have long-term subs this year.  Mrs. Noxon is taking family leave and Mr. Howard is taking her class for a few months, and Mrs. Barrett is having a baby really soon and will be out on maternity leave for a few months.  We were able to meet both subs and they are awesome so I'm not too worried.
We had to get our traditional Lewis/Thomas popsicle picture.
Georgia wasn't happy about the flavor of popsicles and didn't want to smile.  It was a super hot day and she was feeling pretty miserable. 

Robert had a pretty free afternoon so he was able to come to the school with us and then we picked up pizza and went swimming. 
It was a fun, "goodbye to summer" afternoon.

"Bear, show me your muscles"

We had such a fun evening together and everything felt better knowing this school year was going to be great.

Monday, August 27, 2018

getting there

We are getting so close to this baby getting here!  Here's some last pregnancy pictures and last things we did before the baby comes.
35 weeks and putting my feet up between singing times!  I was able to do singing time right up until I had the baby!
These four finished their summer reading challenge at the library.  I sure love my little book lovers.

So, this is a good depiction of how I'm feeling lately....
36 weeks!
We had a swaddle lesson after church and Dash had fun swaddling all of his stuffed animals.  He is very excited for this baby!
My mom sent me a new baby gift - pajamas and a new house coat!  She knows my love language - house coats!  It is so soft and long and perfect.  I love it and pretty much live in it. 
Nearly 37 weeks and headed to the pool.

38 weeks.  After the camp out and feeling pretty crazy.  The end of pregnancy makes me nearly insane.  Just trying to hold on!  I was trying to keep my eye on the goal of getting the kids back into school and making it to when Robert's parents would get here.  Oh man it is hard to get babies here!

August Bear

We are on the count down for this new baby boy.  Robert thinks I won't make it past the week, after the camp out incident.  Bear and I are just enjoying his last  days as the "baby".  I sure love this kid.  He is going to seem so big next to a newborn.

Bear loves to snorkel at the pool.  He puts on his floaties and just floats around with his face underwater.  He is awesome at it and I love watching it.  He is a hoot!
He did it so long that his mask really left a mark! 

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Ward Campout

2018 Ward Campout!!! Also known as - the time I almost had a baby in a tent!
Even though I was 38 weeks pregnant, I decided to go ahead and go to the ward camp out and check off the last thing on our summer bucket list.  The weather was pleasant, not too hot or humid, we'd get there after dinner and the ward provided breakfast so I'd only have to bring the tent and sleeping bags, and Robert would be able to meet us after work, so all I'd really have to do is load the van and get us there.  Not too hard right?  I got everyone in their pj's and fed them a gourmet dinner of scrambled eggs and toast and then we got in the car for the half hour drive to the campsite.  While we were driving, I had probably 4 really good contractions.  My only thought was, wow, driving makes me really uncomfortable.
We got to the campsite and I still hadn't heard from Robert.  Some friends helped me unload my stuff and set up the tent.  I was going to wait for Robert, but it seemed he was going to be late and people were there to help, so we did it.  I got my air mattress set up and everything set up for the night. The camp site was awesome, grassy, surrounded by trees, big and with a playground.  The kids ran off and played with their friends.  It was a really fun evening.

While I was sitting and visiting with the adults, the contractions were still coming.  They were very uncomfortable and long.  They felt different than the Braxton Hicks I'd been having for weeks.  Well the evening continued on and the fun continued.  After dark we roasted marshmallows and the kids ran around having a good time.  At 9:30 Robert finally texted that he was alive and out of surgery, but they still needed to admit the patients and do notes.  I was getting pretty worried about the amount of contractions I was having and feeling crazy to have pretty much gone camping alone with 4 kids while 38 weeks pregnant.  Finally around 10, I got the kids into the tent and slowly got them to sleep.  Robert got to the camp at 11:30 and I was in a near panic.  The contractions were regular and painful enough to make me have to breathe/moan through them.  Robert was shocked how serious it was when he got there.  We walked to the bathrooms and then laid down and talked and tried to calm down.  Robert was exhausted and fell asleep quickly, and I tried to rest and keep an eye on how often the contractions were coming. I was so uncomfortable and couldn't move easily to get more comfortable.  Every time I would roll over I would cry from the pain.  Finally around 2ish, I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me know what to do.  I needed to know if this was real, or I needed things to calm down.  Well, Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers and shortly after that, the contractions started to lose their intensity.  They still were coming at the same rate, but less painful and they stopped taking my breathe away.  Around 3 am I was able to fall asleep for a little while and I knew I wasn't going to have a baby in the tent.
Georgia was the first one awake, like normal.  She woke up just before the sun came up, before 6.  We cuddled to keep warm and keep her quiet so everyone else could sleep.
Aurora was the next one up and Robert quickly hopped in her sleeping bag to cuddle and get warm.  The morning was a very moist cool morning.

Georgia and I took pictures and played with my phone to keep us entertained.
Just two messy red heads.
I love how Aurora's hair reacts to humidity!
Aurora taught Georgia a hand game and they had fun quietly playing for a while.
After breakfast we had to pack up our camp.  Robert had to go check on his patients from the night before so he packed us all up before he left.  I was grateful for that help.  I was exhausted and sore and still having some contractions, so I don't think I could've managed to pack us up.  Robert took off and the kids and I stayed until almost lunch time playing with friends.
Georgia had fun taking selfies and other pictures with my phone.  I love this cute girl.

The campground had this fun jumping blob/trampoline thing that the kids had a great time bouncing on, and these fun peddle carts. 

When the day started to warm up, we said goodbye to everyone and headed home, where I got everyone lunch and quickly went to bed.  I was tired, sore, had a head ache and felt like I had been hit by a truck.  Overall though, it was a fun camp out and the kids had so much fun, it was worth it!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Pinkie Pie

I did my hair curly and Bear said, "Mom, your hair is like Pinkie Pie!"
I thought it was a pretty good comparison!
Also, a group of girl friends and I went out for dessert for a girls night out to celebrate my new baby.  I definitely did not want a baby shower, but I had a great time having a night out with my friends! And I really enjoyed this waffle topped with chocolate, banana, and ice cream!

Monday, August 20, 2018

fun day out

Next on the special outing was the girls!  Aurora has worked for month and months, earning and saving money so she could buy an American girl doll.  She finally had enough money and we made a day out of getting the doll.  I got a babysitter for the boys, then got the girls all dressed up and we went to the store in Virginia.  The girls had fun talking, singing and playing guessing games on the drive.  Once we got to the store, we took our time walking around and seeing everything.  They have some really amazing things there, and the girls were so good.  There was no begging or whining, they were just happily looking at all the fun stuff. 
In the end Aurora chose Julie, a adorable blonde girl from the 70's.  The doll comes with the first book about Julie and Aurora was so happy to jump into the book about her doll.  Georgia brought her doll (my old doll) along so she felt very included.    We had planned to have lunch at the bistro at the store, but the weight was too long so we went to the food court and got some food instead.  
Funny/sad story that illustrates how awesome Robert is.  That night after the kids got in bed, Robert and I were talking about the fun day and he said, "I'm just a little confused, why did Georgia get a doll?"  I about cried.  He thought I had bought Georgia a new doll!  He thought I went and spent over $200 on dolls and he didn't even want to seem upset! Poor guy was probably so confused on why Aurora had to work so hard to earn the money, and Georgia just gets one for nothing?  I love that man.  I said, "Oh sweetheart, no, she had my old doll!"  Relief quickly flooded his face.  Oh, poor Robert, just trying to keep his girls happy.
Since we didn't spend a huge amount of money at the restaurant, we decided to take some time walking around the Disney store.  We found this Wookie jacket in the clearance section and we just had to get it for Bear.  He loves to talk like a Wookie and we just love it. 
We love our Wookie Bear, even when he passes out from heat exhaustion from wearing a Wookie jacket in the August heat.
We also picked up a Spiderman blanket for Dash and a little mermaid sea-shell lunchbox/purse for Georgia, so everyone got something special and fun from our outing.  It was a fun day and everyone came away feeling very special and loved.